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Roxify Posted 1 month ago

Roxify is a geometry plugin which allows users to quickly create box or sphere shaped mesh made of quad only faces. Additionally users can further deform the mesh using various deformation algorithms. Installation To install just copy the downloaded file into your max scripts startup directory. ex. (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012\scripts\Startup\) How To Use Once 3ds Max is open, Just go to the create panel and under Standard Primitives, you’ll see Roxify. Click on the button and then click+drag in viewport.

Labyrinth – Updated Posted 1 month ago

Designed by John Martini & Developed by James Vecore Labyrinth is a spline plugin for 3ds Max which allows users to create splines on any given object in 3ds Max. The knots which make up Labyrinth are automatically attached to the object’s their generated on. This feature gives users the ability to easily produce stunning effects. This video gives a general overview of the controls for the tool as well as various ways to use the tool in production. More videos to come soon. Below are time-stamps you can use to quickly navigate through the video to see specific effects. Updated: 3/12/2014 We’ve added the ability to control which splines are being created based on their length. All previous customers will have received a download link to the updated versions. A video will be coming soon. Product Details Compatible with 3ds Max 2012/2013/2014 (64bit only) Installation To install just place the files in the downloaded file into your max plugins directory. ex. (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max #\plugins\) How To Use This tool is a shape object. You can create this tool by going to the ‘Create’ panel in 3ds Max and then going to the shapes tab. From there you’ll find Labyrinth by changing the dropdownlist to ‘JokerMartini. Feature Overview In depth explanation of controls Controls Location – Placement at which knots will be generated Order – Sorting method used to order the location points Origin Radar Sort – Forces the radar sorting methods to use the grid origin rather than the average position of the nodes in the list Reverse Order – Flips the order in which the points are ordered Smooth – Controls the knot interpolation for the base points # Splines – Controls the number of splines being generated. Each spline gets a unique seed value Range – […]

The #2 Summer Classic Posted 2 months ago

This is my latest creation using 3ds Max and VRay 3.0. This project was based off of an image I took. The final render resolution is 6000px x 4000px. It took around 32 hours to render. I also rendered a version around 1280px x 720px which took around one hour. The smaller image is the one I did most of the compositing work on due to the larger file slowing down the computer to much. The full coverage on how I made this project, from setting up scene file unit’s all the way to the final stages of deep compositing, can all be read along with downloadable projects files buy checking out This tutorial spans 3D Creative Magazines issues 102-109. Scene created for Ltd, Tutorial series featured in 3dcreative magazine, issues 102-109.

New tool coming Posted 2 months ago

A new tool will be coming on next Tuesday the 18th. Be sure to check back!

PathRig 1.0 – Animators Tool Kit Posted 3 months ago

Another great addition to Animators Tool Kit for 3ds Max. Check out the video  demonstrating the new tool here

Gamefomizer Posted 3 months ago

Gamefomizer is a tool which returns the count for various vertex types which are used in game engines. The goal is to get as close to 100% as you can each each of the listed categories in order to make the model as optimized as possible. This tool allows you to see what areas have the potentional to be optimized. Categories: – Mesh Verts = Directly related to the actual poly count. To optimize check for unwelded verts. – UV Texture Verts = The number of verts used in the unwrap of the model. To optimize reduce the number of seams. – Smoothing Group Verts = To optimize reduce the number of sharp edges generated between smoothing groups. – Color Vertices = Similar to Smoothing Groups. To optimize reduce the number of sharp edges. – Material ID Verts = Make sure the faces which share the same Mat ID are grouped together. – Two Sided Material Verts = This is directly related to Mat ID Verts/ In general, don’t use two sided materials if you don’t have to. The number shown for this is the total number of extra verts in the model caused by using two sided materials. Optimization Techniques: – Share seams across different categories. For example, if you change the Material ID on a group of faces, you can also change the Smoothing Group without affection the overall vert count. As a result this saves more memory in game engines. – Reduce the number of seams. For example, don’t split your UV’s into a dozen tiny pieces, try to make a few larger pieces instead. Thank you and enjoy the tool.

ATK – Tutorial for Custom Flipping Effect Posted 3 months ago

In this video I show how quickly and easily a user can setup a custom revealing animation effect using the powerful devices of ATK. The effect uses a combination of 3 devices: Explode/Point Parenter/Copy Keys To Transform. To finalize the effect I use the ‘Shifter’ device to randomize and offset the animation of each object. Check out the video and be sure to share any effects you’ve made using ATK. Thank you everyone for all the support. The tutorial starts at 00:14. Can be seen here

ATK – Flippin Flaps 1.0 Posted 3 months ago

A new device has been released for ATK today called ‘Flippin Flaps’ which allows artists to reveal an object by unfolding the faces of that object. Available are controls to adjust the flipping speed, rotation, and offset. FlippinFlaps 1.0 is included in the latest update of the Animators Tool Kit, the suite of tools for animation. Watch a demo video on

Render Time Calculator Posted 3 months ago

Everyone is aware of how important render time is. How much time do we have left to render? When is the project do? How long does each frame take to render? Wait no more. Check out this If you guys would like me to place a button at the top of the jokermartini page for users to quickly navigate to this tool leave a comment. Thank you.

Tweesher Posted 3 months ago

Tweesher is a plugin for 3ds Max. This tool allows users to quickly and easily generator any number of meshes between any number of selected meshes. A tutorial will be posted later this week on how to use the tool. I wrote this tool to help generator napkins for an upcoming tutorial in 3D Creative Magazine. Feel free to check out the tool, it’s available for free to download. To use just select any number of objects in the order you want the ‘in-between meshes’ to be created. One important note to make mention of is that the meshes all have to maintain the same vert count and vert order, just like a morph target requires.


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