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3ds Max, Featured, Products, Tools Updated 6 months ago

Image credits: Martin Geupel, Branko Zivkovic, Michael Haas, Yusuf ES, Of Shadow & Light


Check out one of my latest scripts called “Cobwebs” which helps users created suspending cables, wire bundles, bag worm nest, and cobwebs.


Click the button to buy now for only $2.00. After payment you will receive an email with the download link within 24 hours. Future updates will be free as well.


Place the in your 3ds Max start up scripts folder
Maxscript > Run Maxscript >
Create a spline shape and collapse it to an editable spline
Add the modifier ‘Cobwebs’ to your spline


Cobwebs works with 3ds Max and 3ds Max 2012/2013/20014 (32 & 64 Bit).


Cobwebs Utility 1.0
- compatible with geometries
- custom Drape min and max settings
- Length Solver for calculating drape amount

Cobwebs Utility 2.0
- Speed improvements
- Cutoff limits both min and max
- Sub iterations on main strands

Cobwebs Utility 3.0
- Speed Improvements
- Include ends option
- Seeding option
- Main/Sub iterations
- Gravity direction & strength & range randomization
- Main strand steps
- Radial Webbing
- Force Radial sub strands
- Auto Origin for radial webs
- Pick object for origin of web
- Pivot only option

Cobwebs 4.0 Utility
- Speed/Memory Improvements
- Updated UI
- Gravity Strength controls for each spline set
- Radial web “Center” options
- Location options for main strands

Cobwebs 5.0
- Knot types
- Format Types for Main and Sub strands
- Better sorting for Radial web
- Addition to format is Spiral
- Order format with option of loop
- Sub strand Amount control
- Gap control for sub strands
- Knot spacing control for both main and sub strands

Cobwebs 1.0 Modifier
- Speed Improvements/li>
- Realtime updating/li>
- Modifier/li>
- Further improvements and updates will be coming soon.
- Please be sure to leave feedback on improvements you’d like to see added.

  • Mladen

    Thanks for the script, i like it.

  • JohnMartini

    Thanks Mladen.

  • thekapow

    Did any one get this to work in design 2012? i select my geometry and hit create.. and nothing happens, my colleague also just tried at his computer.. no luck, such a shame :/ looks lige an awsome script..

    ps. we are architects, not hardcore 3d animators, so we prob. did something wrong.

  • JohnMartini

    Thekapow make sure your distance cutoff max is set real high. That is why its not working. Let me know if that fixes it. It should work. Otherwise we will make it work.

  • mickatt

    Thanks you very much for sharing this amazing script!!

  • Greg Petchkovsky

    Doesn’t seem to work in max 2010? :(
    But it does work in 2012, odd.
    Very cool, thanks!

  • JohnMartini

    Looking into it…..sadly 2010 has spline creation limitations which in return make cobwebs not useable.

  • Ricardo


  • JohnMartini

    It is in the works, along with a help file.

  • Yusuf

    Great script but i cant using :\
    pt = subdivideSegment web idx 1 1

  • JohnMartini

    It only works in max 2011 and up.

  • Shawn Olson

    Excellent script. I already had a plan for its use.

    One suggestion is that I would like the tool to be able to work on the current sub-selection mode of an object or collection of object. Maybe this could be simply a new “Intelligent Mode” for the location menu.

    In that mode, all end points (where the main strands connect to geometry) must attach to the currently selected sub-object selection. For example, if I have vertices 1,5,8 and 9 selected, those are the only vertices that the strands will connect to. The same for edges, faces, etc.

    If it’s too complex to detect, then maybe add a new checkbox that “Limits to Selected Sub Element” where the selected sub-element is in the Location menu. Of course, it really only has meaning for the Vertices and Esges options in the existing menu.

  • JohnMartini

    Great idea Shawn. I think subobject mode would be a great idea to add.

    For the poeple having errors relating to “subdivide” make sure you have all the latest hotfixes and service packs updates for max. That should fix the error.

  • Shawn Olson

    I have additional ideas. If it is too complex computationally, they could be optional on/off checkboxes.

    “Detect Collisions” with two/three options below. The collision detection is on the current objects.

    Bounce Back option. When on, make the web bounce back when hitting the geometry (creating a spline knot at the collision and then going back as if it had reached the point it otherwise would have used).

    Crawl Option. When on, the web follows the surface of the geometry until reaching the target location. This could be similar to how the Guruware Ivy plugin grows across geometry… but instead of growing in a plany/vine manner, it would be straighter paths like how spiders weave webs.

    These could help make some results more realistic when the current script sends the splines straight through geometry.

  • Branko Živković

    Nice renders. :)

  • Mehmet

    Hi my friend looks awesome scripts.. but i wish you put a tutorial about that. I cant do anything))

  • JohnMartini

    I’ll be posting a tutorial soon. Do not worry.

  • Handsome NInja

    Excellent script !! Had lotta fun playing around with the main object’s pivot point then regenerating webs.
    There’s lots of ways to use this..

  • Orkhan

    NIce Script

  • johnfistikis

    It ‘s a really nice script, but I have the same problem with “pt = subdivideSegment web idx 1 1″. I installed all hotfixes and sercice packs but still nothing..
    Any ideas?

  • Saiman


    I have 3d max 2011 x64.
    All version error : pt = subdivideSegment web idx 1 1

  • Fede

    great job!

    but… in 3dds 2011 (hotfix 4 – SP3) doesn’t work… I have no results…

    error here:
    line 221 pt = subdivideSegment web idx 1 1

    could you explain why?

  • JohnMartini

    Hey Everyone,
    All the subdivide errors in max 2012 are fixable by downloading all the service packs and the updates for max.

  • Trixian

    I can’t seem to get any usable cobwebs generated. They either go all over the place (far out from the surfaces in all directions), or they clump up inside and under my models. You might want to make a tutorial\help page for this, as the parameters aren’t necessarily as intuitive to others as you might think. Does scene units play a big role? I’m trying this in cm….

  • Tobbe Olsson

    Thanks for the great contribution, it’s very nice of you to release this for free. I wish all people were grateful instead of demanding things when things don’t work for them.

  • Story2rewrite

    It looks like it’s working in max 2012 in the viewport but when I go to render I can’t see the web. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

  • Motthew

    Why I created a spider’s web is only one line?Once created the script can not use, need to re-run …

  • NikNok

    Getting a Maxscript error at

    145 –Add middle sagging knot
    146 pt = subdivideSegment web idx 1 1

    With a “Unknown system exception” popup

    Tried many values everywhere, any ideas ?

  • NikNok

    Sorry just got that :

    JohnMartini says:
    May 21, 2012 at 2:39 pm
    Hey Everyone,
    All the subdivide errors in max 2012 are fixable by downloading all the service packs and the updates for max

    What about max2011 ?

  • JohnMartini

    I’m not sure about max 2011. I do not have 2011 to test it. My guess is that it does not work in 2011. I think the method of “subdividing” wasn’t available to maxscript until max 2012. I’ll look into it though.

  • JohnMartini

    You have to turn on renderable spline on the object.

  • Story2rewrite

    That worked. For future people…once you select the web just click on modifier and there are 2 boxes to click view renderable and view in viewport. Click both. Add a material and your good to go. Thanks.

  • nik


    grate i am loving it

  • perhaps there is still a way how to run it in 3d max 2011 x32?

    perhaps there is still a way how to run it in 3d max 2011 x32?

  • JohnMartini

    Sadly as far as I know, the method of Subdividing splines in 3ds max was not made available through maxscript until 3dsMax 2012. So that is the first release of max that works with this tool.

  • Hugo Amaral

    Very very good :D thanks a lot

  • mehedi

    i am using max 2012 and i got a error .”Unknown system exception”,Can anyone tell me how it is work?

  • alkyon

    Great job!Wish I could make it work in 2011 though.Still thank you for sharing

  • mesut

    Thanks for the script, i like it.

  • jooo

    Thanks for the script, i like it.

  • lostinsight

    great script..Thank you so much..more power……….

  • eli

    love it , great joob bro !!!

  • David Edwards

    Great script! i can definitely have a lot of fun with this. Very kind of you to offer this for free.

  • Carlos

    Thanks!! grate Script!!
    Greetings from Chile!

  • Victoria

    Great job mates! I would love it can be used in Max9 or Max2009! :(

  • Murat

    I use 2012×64. I install service pack 2 and script works fine….Thank you for a great script.

  • Mohsen

    wwwoooooowwwww . It’s really awesome . tnx tnx tnx tnx :xxx

  • ToooDuc

    Hi it is a amazing Tool ^^
    I have shared it to everyone.
    This is a code i often use to make all cobwebs white and renderable you guys cann variate the thickness:
    for o in $cobweb* do (o.wirecolor = white;o.render_displayRenderMesh = true;o.render_useViewportSettings = true; o.render_thickness = 0.5 )

  • Adrien

    Awesome script and render ! I’m going to test it for personnal fx animation if it’s work good for animation. Really nice work !

  • Wesley

    Hello, I get this script but I don’t know use. Somebody could help me, because I nedding do a cobweb like “Spiderman”. Please if somebody could help me, send me a e-mail, please! =D (

  • Andreas Weirer

    just downloaded script…
    Great idea…
    greets from graz/austria

  • Zafar

    Good Job…

  • Andreas Weirer

    best thing since thomas lufts IVY… 10000 Thanks…!!!

  • BIJO3

    thx a lot for your amazing work, your script just save my life :)

    keep it up and free

  • mandeep

    pt = subdivideSegment web idx 1 1
    continuous getting this error

    i have downloaded all the service packs available for 3ds max though its not working.
    please help.




  • Contri

    Hi, would it be possible to include a written tutorial on how to use this? I use 3dsmax 2013 tried it several times and it worked just once. Thank you.

  • Mikecore

    Hola! he descargado la V.6 y tengo 3D Max 2012, me abre el script pero me sale un error al darle CREATE COBWEBS alguien sabe como puedo omitir esto y que me funcione? Muchas gracias, dejo una imagen de lo que me aparece.


  • Mikecore

    I downloaded the version V.6, and I have 3D Max 2012, I opened the script but I get an error when I click on CREATE cobwebs. Anyone know how I can bypass this and I work?
    Thank you very much, leave a picture of what I get.


  • caxum

    Did any one get this to work on 2011 64? I still get the subdivide error!! tried v6 & v5

  • JohnMartini

    Hey guys great news. There has been an update as well as a complete help file for Cobwebs check it out! v7.

  • Shawn Olson

    John… excellent stuff!

  • Bordos

    finally a script like this!!! Excuse me for asking, is it possible to make the splines grow? animated growth? And a way to make them linkable to the objects they are going trough? Eventually to have some fake dynamics like the spring magic script? Eventually in the future? :) I kind a feel like give up Max when I see what is possible to do within C4D (formula tracer, connecting objects with splines dynamically etc… :( You might give a ray of hope? :)
    Many many thanks for all the great stuff you share with us!!!

  • absent

    very thank you

  • Terrorgun

    I fixed “pt = subdivideSegment web idx 1 1″ error.
    Like this..
    updateshape web
    pt = subdivideSegment web idx 1 1

  • mraw

    looks like a great script! I would be interested in an animated features- probably pretty tough to code. So that the splines with the web move with their targets. ( I’m working on a abstract animation- tests are here )
    But thanks for sharing this.

  • JohnMartini

    How did you come about this error when running Cobwebs? Thank you for your solution. I will implement it asap.

  • anish

    thanks for the helpful script….

  • hubl

    Hello there,
    do you got a tutorial for this script?
    greetings from germany.

  • chris

    does this work in maya?

  • PixelJuice

    very Cool :) .

  • Zxai Chrysler

    thanks for the script man!

    how can i adjust the thickness of the strands it seems that its not visible when im rendering it. please help.

  • sulu

    Thank you Guys for this Nice stuff… ;-)

  • Tony Nguyen

    Hi John,
    I’m using your script for a school project and it’s super awesome and easy to use. However, I can’t quite figure out the material to make it look realistic like in your render. (Im using max11 and vray). If you can help me with the material, i’d really appreciate it. Thank you!!!

  • OLi

    this is a fantastic script!
    thank you very much! :)

  • Tiz

    Hello John,
    thanks for the fantastic work.
    But change all parameters Cutoff Range and unsuccessful in my render.
    I have to do?
    Thanks again

  • Shawn Olson

    John… would it be possible to update the Starting Location to have a checkbox to limit the starting points to the currently selected sub-element? Like if verts, edge or surface us selected and the limit to selection is checked, then only the currently selected/related sub-elements acts as spawn points? Seems like I already suggested this but don’t see it above… anwway it would add a lot of productive sense and give the artist a little more artistic control.

  • Shawn Olson

    Another idea. At the moment, it is often possible to have strands that are entirely encapsulated inside the volume of a single object (which may be fine for many circumstances). But if you only want the strands to connect between objects, this is not wanted. Maybe add a new checkbox to “Avoid Volume”. And/Or “Avoid backface” to solve a similar problem but add another dimension to the options.

  • sigied himawan

    give me a tutorial step by step please

  • LXJ

    Thank you very much for grate Script….

    if you using prompt error : pt = subdivideSegment web idx 1 1

    Please install”3ds Max 2012 Service Pack 2″___

  • Jeveth Mark

    Thanks for the great script ;)

  • Mathieu

    Hi john and thank you to share this wonderful script !

    Did you think you can make it for maya because there nothing compare to you´re script. Of course i can do that in 3ds and export the curves for work in maya. It’s just a simple question.

    Best regard


  • Murat

    thank you

  • Andrey

    Thank you!

  • nguyennam


  • Aravind

    Is it available for maya?

  • Hadi,s very good but if we want to see the cobwebs in render how could we get material and see that in render

  • Hadi

    i have a problem about material and see in render???

  • theep

    this is one of the great free ware plugin ever.very useful. thanks!!!

  • Matt

    Great script, thank you! My recommendation would be to be able to save settings, so that they can be re-applied. Particularly if I’m trying to create a faux animation, I have to re-apply the script, frame-by-frame. It sure would help to have consistent settings at one click, so I don’t accidentally leave some parameter out. Thanks again!

  • loganathan

    please i need to use this

  • Meda

    why every time i try to create, the script pop up and i only get one line..
    i am running max2011 64x !

  • Amps

    Can not download…

  • Mehran

    Hi John
    I want request from you
    I’m living in the boycott country and here , I can’t pay anything out of the country
    If you can please send me this script
    I don’t share this script
    Thank U So Bro @};-

  • Dave

    Hello.. I’m also wondering how to see the web in render? I tried to apply few materials and checked that modifier is turned on in viewport and render but yet no go.

  • Ron Bednar

    Are you around?

    I wrote you that I bought Cobwebs and have not received the download.
    But heard nothing back…hope you are alright.

    Ron Bednar

  • connect2infos

    this is an extraordinary job but can you just for me and you must know that im a big fun, so can you post a tutorial how to make material for this cobwebs and how to render it

  • JohnMartini

    I emailed you directly.

    Email me at

  • ncxxf

    i like design

  • sweetan

    i want this plugin to buy

  • Ayub

    Awesome script and awesome renders
    what is the material of web in the renders ?? any body know!
    actually i tried my own materials but didn’t got the result

  • Andrew Alcantara

    hi.. im having a problem adding object coz when i click the + button to add object i have to add the object manually, unlike your sample in the youtube video, you just click the + button, the select object appears.. im using 3dsmax 2014

  • yamazaki

    Thanks Mladen!

  • Andrew Alcantara

    also the target does not work on max 2014 i dont know about the other version.. i cannot make a spider web i can only produce random webs.. once i pick on a target my max always crash..

  • JohnMartini

    Right-Click on the ‘+’ button and that will bring up the selection list.

  • dc chkjkjh

    is good

  • Rush

    I need this

  • Milos Vajdic

    Guys for those of you having problems seeing the web when rendering:
    -In your modifier stack go back to spline modifier and expand “Rendering” tab and select ‘enable in render’ and ‘enable in viewport’ and use the settings below to make web proper size.

  • John Martini

    Thank you Milos. I appreciate the explination.

  • Vinícius Paciello


    I’ve just purchased your item. This script is amazing, but… there is no script window like I saw in some video you posted? It was quite better than the modifier, wasn’t it?

    Thank you!

  • John Martini

    The modifier does more than the window that popped up. That window that popped up is the older utility version of the tool anyways. The newest and latest one is the modifier version which you downloaded. I can package it with the utility if you would like that as an option.

  • john

    hi, can you make cobwebs for 3ds max 2010 32/64 bit?

  • John Martini

    Sadly support for 2010 is not possible on my end because there are to many limitations in regards to the creation of splines using maxscript for 3ds Max 2010. That is something which would have to be changed on Autodesks side. The support needed was first available in 2012 with service packs.

  • john

    I sent a message to autodesk .

  • Vinícius Paciello

    Thanks for your atention, dude. I think that won’t be necessary, I’m doing good with this modifier =)

  • Justin

    Max 2012 x64, create spline, collapse, add modifier, max crashes to desktop every time. Any ideas?


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