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Importing Vectors to 3D Posted 3 years ago

Introduction: In this tutorial I’ll be explaining how to export vectors out of Illustrator and then import them into 3ds Max. This is useful for creating 3d logos based off of 2d vectors. Step 1: I begin by opening my vector file in illustrator. With all the objects selected I then click “Create Outlines” which is found under the “Type” section of the menu bar. Step 2: Making sure that all the outlines just created are selected, I choose “File” and click on “Save As” Once the dialog pops up I then save the file with a different name usually something with “I8″ at the end to help label which file will be imported later on into 3ds Max. For example this file will be saved as Then hit save. Now another window called “Illustrator Options” will pop up. The only thing we need to change here is the “Version”. Change it to version “Illustrator 8″ then hit “OK” and save. Step 3: No moving into the 3ds Max program. Go to “File” then choose “Import” Then select the file we just saved out of Illustrator with the suffix “” Step 4: Once imported select the object and go to the modifier panel and choose extrude. That will create a polygons that will then make of the contents of the logo. Conclusion: This is a great way to turn a simple 2d graphic into a 3d logo.

Fox – Nascar (Manhole) Posted 3 years ago

Superbowl! This onslaught of excitement and visual effects portrays the true spirit of a thrill seeking NASCAR fan. Enjoy the sewer-popping and carnival-crashing fun! I worked on this commercial while at Ingenuity Studios.

Fox – Nascar (Balloon) Posted 3 years ago

Superbowl! This onslaught of excitement and visual effects portrays the true spirit of a thrill seeking NASCAR fan. Enjoy the sewer-popping and carnival-crashing fun! I worked on this commercial while at Ingenuity Studios.

Fox – Nascar (Ferris Wheel) Posted 3 years ago

Superbowl! This onslaught of excitement and visual effects portrays the true spirit of a thrill seeking NASCAR fan. Enjoy the sewer-popping and carnival-crashing fun! I worked on this commercial while at Ingenuity Studios.

Maxscript Snippets Posted 3 years ago

Listed below are a handful of useful maxscript snippets of code that I’ve decided to share with everyone. If anyone has any snippets of code they would like to see or have me share let me know. Point Helper for each object through hierarchy: fn setCtrlPts theObj thePt:undefined = ( local pt = point transform:theObj.transform \ name:(“ctrl_” + \ wireColor:green \ showLinks:true pt.parent = thePt for obj in theObj.children do setCtrlPts obj thePt:pt ) setCtrlPts selection[1] Create an empty mesh node: Empty Object ep = editable_mesh name:(uniquename “EPoly”) –create an empty EMesh convertTo ep Editable_Poly –convert to Editable_Poly sorting arrays alphabetically fn compareNames str1 str2 = stricmp MyCustomObjs = for obj in selection where (classOf obj != XRefObject) collect obj qSort MyCustomObjs compareNames print MyCustomObjs Time Stamp scripts with memory usage t1 = timestamp() m1 = heapfree –actions here format “time:% memory:%\n” (timestamp() – t1) (m1 – heapfree) Modifier Searching and deleting deleteClasses = #(meshsmooth, edit_poly, xform) for obj in selection do ( for i = obj.modifiers.count to 1 by -1 where findItem deleteClasses (classof obj.modifiers[i]) != 0 do ( deleteModifier obj obj.modifiers[i] ) ) Select complete Heirarchy (children/parents) function selectHierarchy = ( for p in selection do ( if p.children != undefined do ( selectmore p.children ) if p.parent != undefined do ( selectmore p.parent ) ) ) selectHierarchy()

Tylenol Posted 3 years ago

Fun little project I decided to do for the advertising of Tylenol. After looking at a monitor all day I could use a few of these. Product Details – Includes 3ds Max file 2014 – No texture maps

Dr.Dre Kush Posted 3 years ago

The return of Dr.Dre with Snoop and Akon. Putting aside the few late nights we had on this project, it was a lot of fun. I worked on this project while at Ingenuity Engine. Dr. Dre!

Guru Posted 3 years ago

Guru is an energy drink. This was an advertising sample ad I created as an example of ways to display it. I wanted to go a bit stylized with the rendering but at the same time keep it realistic looking for the most part. Enjoy!

Retro Squares Posted 3 years ago

Made for a wallpaper!

NP Schools Posted 3 years ago

Here is a set of business cards I designed for the client New Philadelphia City Schools.


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