Deep Compositing 102: Manipulation
Exercise Files


In this tutorial I’ll be explaining more advanced ways of use EXR’s in post. I’ll be explaining in depth how to do to do color corrections on multiple items in an exr. For steps on covering how to render a …read more


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fish-tank-diffuse-2-HD Fish Tank Buddy

This was done for a 3D competition held online. It was to modeling a character and environment for the character to be placed in. There were poly count restrictions as well as texture map resolution restrictions. This model was done …read more

life-cast Life Cast

piranha-diffuse-1-HD Piranha

Vector image pet piranha that I made.
Feel free to download the zip and use it as a wallpaper!

CGC_02 CG Challenges

This is a emblem/logo I created for a CG competition that my friend Matt and I started. This was done in after effects using Trapcode Particular.

ShoppingBasket2 Shopping Basket

Shopping basket model. The model itself is based off of a model I borrowed from a local store!

Product Details

- Includes high poly and low poly model
- Includes shaders
- Includes obj
- Includes 3ds Max 2011 file

Eminem_05 Eminem – We Made You

The return of the popular rap artist Eminem.

Rubberduck_03 Oasis – Rubberduckzilla

Rubberduckzilla!!!!! Shot on location in Bangkok, Thailand. Ingenuity artists both designed the signature water-hating rubber-duck and made an artificial Tokyo.

Mace_beauty Medieval Mace

This model was created for a competition where the artists had to model a weapon of choice from the medieval time period. You’ll see that I decided to go with a stylized medieval mace. It all started with a concept …read more

Wrench Wrench

This 3d model was created for the company Carbine Studios. I modeled it over the course of a few hours. Sculpting it in zbrush and then retopologizing it and texturing it.

ChainLinks Chain Links

This is a chain link texture I meade. Its a tileable texture. I first made the actual chain link in 3ds max and then rendered out the appropriate passes to then make a tileable texture. It can be used both …read more