What is Varo?
Varo is a standalone application which allows users to send commands to various software packages. Varo uses the socket/port to send and receive commands. Varo makes it easy to organize project files all in one place. Users …read more


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barrel Wood Barrel

This is a wood barrel I created for the purpose of messing with custom wood texture creating in photoshop. The final model has 852 tris.

fan_01 Car Fan

Car fan model is based off of an actual one I owned. Helped make my car smell like strawberries!

CarDial Car Dial

This car dial I created in 3ds Max for the fun of it. Nothing to crazy.

Skull_5 Skull

Good old skull model. This is based off of……a skull. Not a real one, just an imaginary one I made up.

Product Details

- Includes the ZTool for Zbrush with all subdivision levels.
- Includes Obj of …read more

AcousticGuitar_02ws Acoustic Guitar

This is an acoustic guitar model that I created based off of an Ibanez model that I own.

Product Details

Includes 3ds Max file and textures.
Includes Obj file.

fish-tank-diffuse-2-HD Fish Tank Buddy

This was done for a 3D competition held online. It was to modeling a character and environment for the character to be placed in. There were poly count restrictions as well as texture map resolution restrictions. This model was done …read more

life-cast Life Cast

piranha-diffuse-1-HD Piranha

Vector image pet piranha that I made.
Feel free to download the zip and use it as a wallpaper!

CGC_02 CG Challenges

This is a emblem/logo I created for a CG competition that my friend Matt and I started. This was done in after effects using Trapcode Particular.

ShoppingBasket2 Shopping Basket

Shopping basket model. The model itself is based off of a model I borrowed from a local store!

Product Details

- Includes high poly and low poly model
- Includes shaders
- Includes obj
- Includes 3ds Max 2011 file