Object IDs
objectIDs (ZIP)

This free maxscript tools allows users to more intuitively adjust object id’s inside of 3ds Max.


To install just drag and drop the file into the 3ds Max viewport.


- Stores each ID’s color in the 3ds Max file
- Stores each …read more


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renderCalc Render Time Calculator

Everyone is aware of how important render time is. How much time do we have left to render? When is the project do? How long does each frame take to render? Wait no more. Check out this Render Calculator …read more

tweesher_02 Tweesher

Tweesher is a plugin for 3ds Max. This tool allows users to quickly and easily generator any number of meshes between any number of selected meshes. A tutorial will be posted later this week on how to use the tool. …read more

sneakPeak 3D Creative Magazine tutorial

Be sure to check out next months issues of 3D Creative Magazine. It’ll include the first of eight chapters covering a project I created using 3ds Max, Vray, Zbrush and Nuke. The tutorial covers a step by step explanation of …read more

DeepRenderFinal_ Deep Compositing 101: ’3ds Max + Vray + Nuke’

In this tutorial I’ll be going over how to setup rendering in 3ds Max using Vray 3.0 for deep image compositing in Nuke.
For those of you who don’t know what the phrase ‘deep image compositing’ means, it’s a new way of compositing and rendering digital images. In using DIC the data stored contains color, opacity and now depth. This allows for multiple samples in the depth of the image to be combined in order to create the final color of the image. Using this technique removes the artefacts and aliasing errors produced when compositing with other setups. The errors in older setups are most noticeable when color correcting and z-blurring. Say goodbye to those errors and hello to ‘deep image compositing’.

coasttocoast Talking Shop – Coast to Coast

I’m always interested in touching base with other artists that work in studios from around the country. I enjoy talking shop and sharing stories with others. Please leave a comment below your name, portfolio url, what you do for work …read more

HairFurRenderingCGSpecialEffects Hair Render Times

There is a great article on the render times for hair by top industry studios. Check out the article over at AnimationMentor.com

materialID_01 Randomized Face-ID’s

Have you ever wanted to randomize the face ID’s of an object based on elements, individual polygons, smoothing groups, or objects? Wait no longer. This modifier allows users to manipulate the face ID’s of an object in a non destructive …read more

HoleyTube Holey Tube

Holey Tube 2.0 is now out. This free tool allows users to easily create meshes with a procedural approach. It’s a vital tool for making gun barrels. No more hassle cutting the holes into the cylinder. Feel free to check …read more

Geometry Plugins

There are to be a few geometry plugin updates that will be released tomorrow. Keep on the look out. Revamped one of the plugins to make it work ‘night-n-day’ better than the previous one.

Rendering ‘Section/Cut-Away’ Views

There is a great article over at TheRenderBlog, which explains how to render boolean like views of meshes. This type of rendering would work perfect for mechanical renderings of “cut away” views. The tutorial is written in Maya but …read more