Object IDs
objectIDs (ZIP)

This free maxscript tools allows users to more intuitively adjust object id’s inside of 3ds Max.


To install just drag and drop the file into the 3ds Max viewport.


- Stores each ID’s color in the 3ds Max file
- Stores each …read more


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fooseball_01 Foosball

Good old fooseball table. This design was based off of a fooseball table I own. I got the dimensions as well as color samples from the actual table. I then built the blueprints in Autocad and proceeded with importing …read more

paging1 Render Speed Increase

I’ve recently discovered a monumental render speed increase while working on a tutorial series for 3D Artist, which will released after the holidays of this year. By default in 3ds Max bitmap paging is enabled in the Common tab of …read more

cylindrus_v002 Cylindrus

Cylindrus is a geometry plugin for 3ds Max which allows users to create cylinders with individual fillet controls for each end. This makes it possible for users to have different fillet radius sizes for the top and bottom of the …read more

Welcome to JokerMartini

Hello everyone. I would like to invite everyone to the official site of JokerMartini. For both new and old visitors, there have been a slew of new changes to the JokerMartini site. Things have been re-arranged and cleaned up. Users …read more

FemaleDisplay Female Model – Jenny

Download my latest model of an athletic female model. The base model was created in 3ds Max by polygon modeling. I then took the mesh into zbrush where I sculpted in the details. Download it today and feel free to …read more

pipelicious Pipelicious

Quickly create pipe systems, square or round, using angled or straight pieces with Pipelicious. This plugin allows users to easily create a variety of pipe shapes and sizes. Download it now.

paint_02 Tubular

Endlessly create cylindrical square/round geometries with my latest plugin Tubular for 3ds Max. You can easily create dozens of different types of screws and bolts along with threading.

Tubular 2.0 coming soon….

I just wanted to let everyone know there is a new Tubular plugin coming to 3ds Max. It will be Tubular version 2.0. I’ve made leaps and bounds on it this morning in my freetime. I do not want to …read more

ATK and counting

ATK has caught a lot of attention over the past year and I’d like to give everyone and update. Andru and I have been hard at work fixing a few kinks here and there but in large, we are further …read more

sykePreview Syke

Hey everyone. Hope all is well. I’ve got a new tool plugin for 3ds Max. It’s to help alleviate the repetitive creation of Sykes in 3ds Max. I find myself creating these quite often and it’s a very annoying task. …read more