Object IDs
objectIDs (ZIP)

This free maxscript tools allows users to more intuitively adjust object id’s inside of 3ds Max.


To install just drag and drop the file into the 3ds Max viewport.


- Stores each ID’s color in the 3ds Max file
- Stores each …read more


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Mobile Jams - Providers of music , dancing   endless exciting entertainment for any event! Mobile Jams

Mobile Jams – Providers of music , dancing endless exciting entertainment for any event!

Great group of guys at Mobile Jams, all managed by Don Liedtke. Don was in search of a fresh new website to show the growth and new …read more

legoGenerator Lego Generator

Check out my version of the lego generator for 3ds Max primitive plugins. This plugin allows users to quickly and easily generate basic lego shape pieces. Users can use this plugin to generate endless lego sculptures. Check out the plugin. …read more

jsStudio Joystick Studio

Here is my latest creation. It’s called joystick studio. It allows for TD’s to quickly setup a facial rig control board for animators to use.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Updates will be coming as I’ve got …read more

all_A Nintendo

The infamous original Nintendo. Download this latest model and own it for personal use. This model comes with the game-pad, controller, system and one game cartridge.

Product Details

- Includes 3ds Max files for each part
- …read more


New website is up and running full speed!!!
Be sure to check out the new Products page as over the next few days a slew of new items will appear.
A big change happening over the next week will be nearly all …read more

E3 Expo

Today’s the start of the e3 extravaganza! I’ll not be around much today as I’ll be playing video games and testing out the next gen stuff. I’ll be sure to post some pictures of the event when I get back.

ATK_TPL_HD Animators Tools Kit

The latest release of ATK is now available for download at http://animatorstoolkit.com/atk/index.html.
For those of you who have been anxiously waiting….wait no longer. ATK is a largely expanded version of the old KeyTransfer plugin from 2009. …read more

Beta testers needed

I’m looking for a handful of beta testers. I would prefer the testers to be familar with charater animation or at least animating in general. If you are interested email me or comment on this thread.

Tara_1 White Velvet Desserts

This website design was done for Tara, owner of White Velvet Desserts. The site was designed in a way that allowed visitors to browse her menu, place orders, and check out images of the bakery.

helixometry Helixometry

Helixometry is a geometry plugin for 3ds Max that creates helix shaped meshes. All of its controls are animatable. The biggest benefit to this over the spline helix is the ability to taper the thickness of the mesh as well as twisting and turning, as well as non-uniform radius. Check it out.