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fooseball_01 Foosball

Good old fooseball table. This design was based off of a fooseball table I own. I got the dimensions as well as color samples from the actual table. I then built the blueprints in Autocad and proceeded with importing …read more

paint_02 Tubular

Endlessly create cylindrical square/round geometries with my latest plugin Tubular for 3ds Max. You can easily create dozens of different types of screws and bolts along with threading.

all_A Nintendo

The infamous original Nintendo. Download this latest model and own it for personal use. This model comes with the game-pad, controller, system and one game cartridge.

…read more

helixometry Helixometry

Helixometry is a geometry plugin for 3ds Max that creates helix shaped meshes. All of its controls are animatable. The biggest benefit to this over the spline helix is the ability to taper the thickness of the mesh as well as twisting and turning, as well as non-uniform radius. Check it out.

disc Disc

Disc is a geometry plugin for 3ds max. It creates a open ended tube. Check it out. The benefit of downloading this product is that you also get the C++ source code file generated in visual studio. Feel free to …read more

eye_   1 Eye Generator

This is another tool development of mine for 3ds Max. This geometry plugin allows users to quickly create and fine tool the looks of an eye for any character. The idea behind this tool was to make a way for …read more

screwDriver_02 Screw Driver

The tool that every house and person needs, the phillips screwdriver. This model was created using my latest plugin Tubular which allowed for easy generation of the phillips screwdriver tip.

popcanA_Beauty Soda Can

This is soda can created in 3ds Max. This is to scale. Feel free to download …read more

Plane Plus Plane Plus

Check a new tool developed to improve 3ds Max’s regular plane primitive.
This new primitive allows users to easily and quickly create reference image planes inside of 3ds max. Holding Alt forces the object to be created at [0,0,0]. If the …read more

crossFire_v02 Crossfire

Hey guys here is another fun morning project I did. This was a must to create Crossfire. It’s a game that everyone must play at least once in their life. It’s a great fun board game which is unfortunately quite …read more