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helixometry Helixometry

Helixometry is a geometry plugin for 3ds Max that creates helix shaped meshes. All of its controls are animatable. The biggest benefit to this over the spline helix is the ability to taper the thickness of the mesh as well as twisting and turning, as well as non-uniform radius. Check it out.

Plane Plus Plane Plus

Check a new tool developed to improve 3ds Max’s regular plane primitive.
This new primitive allows users to easily and quickly create reference image planes inside of 3ds max. Holding Alt forces the object to be created at [0,0,0]. If the …read more

spherePlus Sphere Plus

This is a free 3ds Max primitive plugin to be uses over the default sphere.
This new tool was developed to improve 3ds Max’s regular sphere primitive. This new primitive allows users to control how many columns and rows of verts …read more

replication_02 Replication

Replication is a clone modifier for spline shapes. It provides users the ability to create patterns in a procedural fashion. Users have the ability to adjust shapes at their base object level while maintaining real-time feedback displaying the final results.

pipes_v02 Pipes Gen

Here is another tool developed for 3ds max. This tool makes the creation of pipe systems and roadway systems a simple task. It takes referenced geometry from within the scene and populates a system based on user settings. This tool …read more

trackSelctor Universal Track Selector

This is a new 3ds Max plugin created to ease the user’s ability to control & manipulate animation inside of 3ds Max 2012 and 2013. The tool was concepted by John Martini & Andru Phoenix and Developed by Stephen Taylor. …read more

preview Information Maxscript

This tool displays information inside 3ds max in real time. Feel free to suggest any additional options you would like to see in this tool. I’m open to expanding upon this tool and adding addition information …read more

helixPro_jam3 Helix Pro

Control every aspect of the Helix spline in 3ds max with this new plugin.

MarceloSouza Cobwebs

Check out one of my latest scripts called “Cobwebs” which helps users created suspending cables, wire bundles, bag worm nest, and cobwebs.

PingPong_beauty Ping Pong

It’s the last show in a game of ping-pong versus your friend…who is going to win?

I created this scene over the course of a few hours in my downtime. It’s rendered using vray. Simple composite done in photoshop.

In order to …read more