Scene Assembler & Render Pass Manager


Standalone Application

Vexus runs as a standalone application, giving artists the ability to communicate with multiple instances of 3ds Max, whether it's retreiving data or setting properties.


Vexus pushes the boundaries with speed and performance. Don't waste time repeatedly setting up scenes, spend more time creating cutting edge visuals.

Scripting & Tokens

Artists can extend Vexus by using it's dynamic tokening system, scripting, and custom graph node creation features.

Vexus is a standalone node based editor designed for Scene Assembly and Render Pass management in 3ds Max.

Vexus is the superior replacement to RPM, Scene States, or LPM.

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Key Features

Share & Re-use

Teams can easily share and resued graphs to avoid repeating work and improving production efficiency. Vexus files are saved as simple XML text documents.


Users can define the default values, properties, and colors of every node in the graph. They can also create new custom nodes.

Dynamic Tokens

Users can create custom tokens, which can be used to dynamically control values of graph nodes, such as output paths.

Render Engines

Vexus natively supports industry standard render engines including; Vray, Corona and Arnold. Vexus is user extendible to support additional renderers as well.

Incredible Speed

Wait no more, adjust the look and feel of your scenes instantly. Whether there are 100 objects or 10,000 objects, Vexus can handle it with ease.

Scripting Extendibility

Artists can extend the capabilities of Vexus using Python and Maxscript scripting languages. We offer the service of extending Vexus functionalities for studio specific needs.



1 User License

Unlimited Render Node Licenses

Volume licensing discounts are available

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