JokerMartini is a creative studio which supplies a variety of services. Our services include software development, plugin creation, training, pipeline solutions. We work with many industries such as Film, Television, and Marketing industries. Our goal is to strive for the highest quality of work while developing ideas and new innovative ways to quickly achieve stunning work. Here at JokerMartini we not only show you what is possible, but we breakdown techniques and workflows to easily explain how the process is executed in production environments. To help aid in some of these complex tasks, we develop innovative tools that improve speed, quality, versatility and flexibility in your everyday productions. Check out the Portfolio section of the website too see our work.

Our Skills

3D Animation

We do it all, such as Photo-Real CG, Animation, Smoke, Fire, Simulations and Motion Graphics.

 Plugin/Software Development

With several years of experience in programming and development, our skills cover a wide range of platforms and languages.


Learning new software or technique is a critical part for any artists. JokerMartini provides a variety of tutorials, both video and documented. Our tutorials allow users to get insight on modern day industry techniques, problem solving, and How-To’s.