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What is ATK? It is a compact suite of modular tools to rig, copy and manipulate animation in a few clicks, without plug-in dependency. There is no need for extra licenses because ATK uses methods native to 3DS Max, so it can easily fit into any production pipeline.

Based on 21 reviews
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  1. Jay

    No longer being developed? …can’t get help if things go south…

    • admin

      You can certainly get help. We are still working on this tool.

  2. Adam

    Excellent script. Lots of useful stuff and I love the camera rig. It works great.

  3. Joe Bourke

    Great script! The camera rig alone is worth the price of admission. Is there anything in the pipeline for updates?

  4. Steve Wilson

    Does this work with max 2016 and up ? I did read on scriptspot that it doesn’t any more. No development since 2014 by the looks of it.

    • admin

      It’s fully supported in 2016. We use it where I work.

  5. Daniel Pelaez

    working on 3d max 2018 or up ?

    • admin

      works in max 2012 and up

  6. Sel

    It’s a great tool, purchased and used in 2016. But I was wondering if it will work on 2019 as well? Majority of our projects now are in 2019 and I miss using this tool there, but doesn’t want to purchase if it’s not supported.

    If it’s supported, maybe you would like to include that info in banner. Now it’s only written to 2017.

    • admin

      Yeah it works in all versions of 3ds max

  7. steve.wilson

    Is this tool still being developed or supported ? I’m trying to find my license but having issues. Any help appreciated.

    • admin

      Sure how can i help you out? It’s certainly still supported and being used.

  8. max ehrlich

    Still great

  9. david son

    awesome tool kit! bought it in 2016, still using it, specially cam rig. Wish Joker and Andru released a new version, would buy it in a heartbeat. Also wished that one could rename the cameras directly inside camrigs select list and not have it always create the “Camera001” default suffix.

    • admin

      We actually have some updates for Animators Tool Kit. We are working to bundle the updates and release them.

      I’ll update this page when it’s ready.

  10. max ehrlich

    This is a really usefull add on for 3dsmax. It even works in 3dsmax 2020. I wanted to use it for a project recently and needed to review some of the great videos tutorials at I was sad to see that they are no longer available. Please bring those back!

  11. Andrew

    Great script, please update, reinstate the tutorial videos at the ATK website and make some new tuts, thanks. 🙂

    • admin

      All videos are now up on Youtube and the script has been updated.

  12. Per-Olof Bergs

    I remembered this tool from long ago. I never had the projects to use it. However, now it would be really useful. Is this tool still actively being developed for recent Max versions? Tutorials would be great to have too.
    Kind regards,

    • admin

      We are still developing it and have added new features this past month. We will be releasing updates soon.

  13. AdamGr

    Yep, works with v2020. The biggest problem (for a new user like me) is the fact that Help materials (videos and forum) are down. It’s really hard to even try out some functions without a proper help file.

  14. chen

    Hello, the ATK video tutorial on Vimeo is unavailable, I really need it

    • admin

      Which videos are you looking for exactly?

  15. natenorbie

    Great tool! Would like to see a corona render cam added to the camera rig tool.

  16. dxforever

    Great Tool Ever!! I E-mailed to you check please! Thank you!

  17. dave

    Howdy! Gotta say i got excited when i read this March 2021 post: “We are still developing it and have added new features this past month. We will be releasing updates soon.”
    Any word on the update? Looking forward to it!

  18. Theep

    I am eagerly waiting for an updated version with new exciting features added. And this tool is one of the finest product ever for animation and keying in max. Please make it available fast as possible!

  19. Anthony Young

    If you have to animate with 3dsmax this is a must have – without it you can’t easily copy, paste and offset keys. Or do whole host of other cool tricks. Watch the videos to get a feel. This plugin will pay you back in spades as it saves so much time and then gives your creative control that you just wouldn’t have without it. Still works with 3dsmax 2022.

  20. Tahir

    Does ATK work in 3ds Max 2022 ?

    • admin

      Yes it sure does. We use it in Max 2022

  21. Adel Ali

    Does it work woth 3ds max 2023 please ?

    • admin

      sure does

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