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Batch Exporter allows users to export multiple formats with different settings. Users can export as many formats as they want. There are no limits. They can also choose from a variety of exporting methods like Exporting Selected Layers, or Exporting separate files per Object and much more. Check out the video for more details.

Features v1.0

  • Supports 3ds Max 2016 or newer
  • Exporting methods
    • File per root layer combining nested layers
    • File per layer
    • File per selected object
    • Single file for entire scene
    • Single file for selected objects
    • File per selected layer combining nested layers
  • Export Formats
    • 3ds Max Exporter (.max)
    • Adobe Illustrator Exporter (.ai)
    • Alembic Exporter (.abc)
    • DWF Exporter (.dwf)
    • FBX Exporter (.fbx)
    • Obj Exporter (.obj)
    • USD Exporter (.usd)

Features v1.1

  • Persistent settings for exporters
  • Added Export method
    • File per selected layer not merging nested layers

Features v1.3

  • Exporters are now saved per max file

Features v1.3

  • Exporter settings are now saved per max file
    • Output and Method

Features v1.4

  • Improved export settings stored/restored per file
    • Now auto updates exporters when files are opened, created, saved and closed

Features v1.5

  • Bug fixes

Features v1.6

  • STL Support added

Features v1.7

  • bug fix for STL exporting File Per Object

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  1. saenxmq

    Can add a batch import function

    • admin

      Sure i can do that. I would first like to know ideas on how you would like it to work? What file formats?

  2. saenxmq

    I want to bulk import FBX /obj to 3ds Max

  3. Velimir

    Is it possible to be added a “DWG” format to be exported?

    • admin

      Of course i can add that.

  4. lamont.gilkey (verified owner)

    Functions great, something that would be nice is to have better naming options.

  5. lamont.gilkey (verified owner)

    Low because FBX settings only go up to 2013.

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