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Cable basher allows users to quickly create cables, pipes or any parametric path shape using custom or prebuild models. Users can create mass bundles of cables using a random array of pre-made models to choose from, or using custom 3d Models with the click of a button. Check out the videos below to see it in action.

1.0 Features

  • Supports 3ds Max 2018 or later
  • Comes with 10+ premade cable models

1.2 Features

  • Added Wrap spline
    • Wrap splines around any objects visible in the viewport with just a few clicks
  • New Cables
    • Chain Link

1.5 Features

  • Added Spline Draw
    • Freehand draw splines on the surfaces of any geo in the scene
    • Includes lazy mouse for smooth spline drawing
  • Weld Spline Creation
    • Automatically generate weld splines at the intersections of selected geometry
  • New Cables
    • Bead Weld

1.6 Features

  • Bug fixes

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  1. Antony Tzan (verified owner)

    Amazing… Created my own cable style in minutes!!! Perfect!

  2. Lamont (verified owner)

    In a clean new scene, works perfect, love the ability to make custom cables. However in a scene with nested objects and (helper nodes), it kills the hierarchy each time and ruins everything. I am on 3DS Max 2024 at the moment.

  3. lamont.gilkey (verified owner)

    Did the upgrade to 1.6. Issues from before are gone.

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