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Cobwebs is a modifier plugin for 3ds Max. This plugin was initially designed to create cobweb like designs on objects. Overtime the plugin expanded a lot. The plug also supports the creation of suspended cables, various plexus like designs and animations. Users have created suspended cables, wire bundles, bag worm nest, cobwebs and much more. The limits are endless.



  • This works in 3ds Max 2012 or later.


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3ds Max 2012+


To install place the contents of the downloaded file, into your max scripts startup directory. ex. (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max ####\scripts\Startup\)


– This plugin is a splineshape modifier. So to begin create a spline shape and collapse it to an editable spline.
– Lastly With the shape selected, in the modify panel add the modifier 'Cobwebs'

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  1. Hansolo Cambo

    No review so I can’t say ? I’m just wondering if this 3dsMax 2012+ really means I can buy that and it’ll work on 3dsMax 2016 or 2017 ? A little bit more info would probably help you to sell this product that looks astonishing. I want it. But I NEED more info.

    • admin

      Yeah it will work in 2012 or later.

  2. www.3dm3mare


  3. zirnworks (verified owner)

    Fantastic script for the price, good options and fast performance too. (Used on Max 2017.)

  4. chuck.ernst (verified owner)

    great little tool. Only problem is I can select multiple birth objects at once. only lets me select one at a time.

    • admin

      you can rightclick the + button and it will open the multi select dialog

  5. tunexmark (verified owner)

    I Just bought this , i need tutorial on how to use it please ?

    • admin

      Id be glad to have a skype call and show you how to use it if. There are some demo videos online

  6. Tom

    Hi, it’s a cool plugin however unless I am not using the right settings the web isn’t realistic because the rings are just loops, it is not a spiral starting from the centre working its way out as a real web is made. Is it possible for you to fix this?

    • admin

      There are options available to make it spiral like a real spider web as seen in the video on the product page.

  7. charles ernst (verified owner)

    Great easy to use script. Only issue is I have to select one cobweb target at a time, even with the “select by name”. No shift select.

    • admin

      you can select multiple by right-clicking the + button which opens the multi select dialog

  8. euankingslanddesign


    This is not a review but a question, may I ask do you have any video showing the demo of how to use it or does it work the same way Labyrinth Plugin do ?

    • admin

      This works slightly different then Labyrinth, both provide very useful and creative ways to use splines.

  9. hunterm0627 (verified owner)

    Pretty sweet plugin! The tutorial on Vimeo from 6 years ago was enough to get me up to speed.

    Note: Make sure you right click the “+” on the Birth Object List section if you want to bring up the multi select dialog window. That was the main thing that had me stumped after installing.

    I’m really enjoying it so far though. My only suggestion would be to include a simple illustrated PDF of how to use this plugin, different configurations, best practices with the zip file. Great job John!

  10. Shem

    Purchased and paid for this script, but never got a download link or instructions on how to get it.

    • admin

      Did you create an account when you made your purchase? At a quick glance it does not appear you ever actually paid or made a purchase.

  11. H 延龙 (verified owner)

    Many tutorial links are not working, can you send it again?

    • admin

      All are fixed

  12. Anton (verified owner)

    Very nice plugin, I’m glad I bought it!

  13. chen

    Hello, is the 2022 version available?

    • admin (verified owner)

      yes it works for 2022

  14. ovidiu nicolae baiculescu (verified owner)

    Fantastic work! So much fun to have this tool <3

  15. Ryan Perry (verified owner)

    Enjoying the plug-in itself, however, I don’t even know where to begin to create a realist cobweb texture, Any help Joker?

  16. Jeremy Rosart-Brodnitz (verified owner)

    Update to my previous comment (since there was no “edit” button

    Figured it out when I watched your YouTube tutorial after manually searching for it
    Link for anyone who needs it:

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