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Copy Paste is a 3ds Max tool that allows teams or individuals to copy and paste objects, materials, or modifiers across multiple instances of 3ds Max. It supports sharing these copy/paste buffers in shared locations on the network or local on your computer. The tool helps to keep everyone up to date with real time updates anytime a new copy is created or modified.

Features v1.0

  • 3ds Max 2021 or later
  • Supports customizable save locations for the copy buffers
  • Real time updating across multiple people
    • Which means if you decide to share the same ‘save’ location for your copies to be stored, anytime a new copy is made or removed your tool will update in realtime
  • Unlimited number of copy slots
  • Supports copying objects, materials or objects across multiple instances of 3ds Max
  • Also available on Gumroad

Features v1.1

  • Added new Paste method
    • Paste Objects To Transform – Which instances in the pasted objects and aligns them to every selected object within the scene

Features v1.2

  • Improved interface layout
  • When pasting materials now supports both compact and slate material editors

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  1. pankuczy (verified owner)

    Amazing, super helpful script! An option to name the items on the list would make it perfect. Or maybe just a feature to show the source scene name as a tooltip on mouse hover.

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