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The Extended Objects Bundle contains over 25 plugins for 3ds Max 2012 – 2018. These plugins make it easier for users to create and design motion graphics. Below is a list of the all the plugins and a description of what they do. Use the plugin features to save and load presets for quick reuse of complex setups. Nearly 100% of the plugins properties are animatable, givings artists the ability to create stunning and complex animations.

Supports Version of 3ds Max 2016 or newer

For users looking to purchase just the tech lines plugin, it can be purchased here: https://jokermartini.com/product/tech-line/


Arrow : Create custom arrow meshes.
Checkmark : Create customizable checkmark meshes.
Cross : Create and customize cross meshes.
MeshSwap : Switch between meshes on the fly with the control of a spinner.


DiscPro : Create complex disc shapes with animatable properties.
EQBars : Equalizer bars can be be users to simulate equalizers often seen on soundboards.
EQLine : Creates a mesh line that can fluctuate vertically based on a wave like motion.
EQCircle : Creates a circular mesh composed of multiple segments that can be animated over time.
EQRings : Creates a circular mesh composed of multiple rings and multiple segments that can be randomized and animated.
NetworkBounce : Create dynamically simulated networks of shapes bouncing around a user-defined area.
NetworkOrbit : Create dynamically simulated networks of shapes which orbit around the center pivot.
ProgressCircle : Create a circular progress bar which can made up of blocks or a solid mesh strip.
ProgressBar : Create a linear progress bar mesh composed of blocks or a solid mesh. Properties of this plugin can be animated.
RadialSegs : Create a radial array of pegs similar to ones seen in speedometers of cars.


Annotation : Create dynamically resizable lines where each end of the line is attached to an object in the scene.
DashedLine : Create simple dashed lines.
Frame Pro : Create dashed or solid frame mesh with animatable properties.
LineGraph : Create animated line graphs with the option to place points along the line as well as animate there position along the path over time.
Techline : Create linear lines with user specified angular rotations.
Techcircle : Create circular tech lines with user specified angules.
Techtree : Create a tree of tech lines with the ability to control each segments rotation and length.
Waypoints : Create mesh lines which pass through any number of specified objects in the scene. Users can also animate the progression of the mesh through the waypoints.


GridLines : Create a 2D grid mesh with various parameters to control the thickness and spacing. Users can additionally place points at the intersections of the grid lines.
GridCircle : Creates a 2D grid mesh in a circular shape.
GridPoints : Creates a grid of points that can randomized based on texturemaps or user specified values. Optionally users can specify a custom mesh which will be used to distribute along the grid of points.
DottedSphere : Distribute a custom mesh along and around the surface of a sphere using any number of specified points.
RadialDots : Create a radial array of custom created meshes with various ways to randomize the size and distribution.


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  1. iam (verified owner)

    finally got it to work… 3dsmax must be run as administrator so it can write files from the script… 😉

  2. Dave son (verified owner)

    Does it work with 3Ds Max 2022?

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