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Holex is a modifier plugin for 3ds Max which allows users to create various types of holes on their meshes. You can create multiple holes or rivets at the same time or individually across multiple objects. Having the holes created in a modifier allow users to retain their original mesh unmodified (non-destructive).


  • Supports 3ds Max 2012 or newer



Endlessly build out the hole with parametric extrude functionality and customization


Control how the capping of the hole is generated


Adjust and fine tune the position offset of the hole both positive and negative values supported


Change the radius of the hole to a size that fits any need


Rotate the hole to create intricate visuals


Additional information


3ds Max 2016+


Radius control
Animatable properties
Inset and Bulge controls
Capping options

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  1. Toby O’Brien (verified owner)

    Before buying this I used to use Loop Regularizer and Loop Regularizer by Rapid Tools as they were free but then I saw this online and thought it’s only about 7GBP (£7) and I have to say it is 100 times better than the free options as it does a lot more!

  2. Moritz Hahn (verified owner)

    Great and easy to use tool. Saves a lot of work and keeps your modeling process variable.

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