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This tool displays all the image files found within the scene along with the resolution and file size of each image. With a one-click solution artists can resize images using a non-destructive method. Always leaving the original file untouched and unaltered. At any point in time users can choose to restore their textures to the full resolution if they wish. Anytime a new lower resolution is generated, it uses the original image to generate it.

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  1. Efim (verified owner)

    Hi, that is a great tool, thanks! Is it possible to make the dialog re-sizable and add columns sorting by size?

    • admin

      I can certainly add that. I have a few other tools in development at the moment that may delay the updates you suggested. But ill certainly be sure to add them.

    • admin

      Download the latest update to have the requested features.

  2. jexororo (verified owner)

    It’s a very helpful script! Thank you.
    It would be great if you could really implement those requests, resizable screen, and sorting.

    • admin

      Download the latest update to have the requested features.

  3. dimitar

    Amazing script! I was thinking, if there is a dedicated folder for the resized textures so that they are stored separately from the original ones.

    • admin

      Sure how would you like the folder to be defined? Just a sub folder of the original image and call it ‘resized’

  4. Vũ Lê (verified owner)

    Hi, it’s great, but I can’t see the name to pin it on the toolbar

    • admin

      Currently you run this from File > Script > Run.

  5. LuigiGT (verified owner)

    Is it possible to add a resize textures from a selected object in 3ds Max Viewport? Many thanks

    • admin

      I could add that as a feature. That is a clever idea, i like that.

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