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Info Display is a 3ds maxscript which provides users with visual data of the models in the scene. This tool displays information directly in the viewport, drawing lines and text. Users can choose from a list of things to display as listed below. Check it out now for free.


  • 3ds Max 2012 or newer

Display Modes:

  • Object Name – Displays the object name
  • Object ID – Displays the object id
  • Parents Names – Displays each nodes parent name if it exists
  • Parent Connections – Draws a line from each node to it’s parent if it exists
  • Poly Count – Display the objects poly count
  • Dimensions – Displays each objects width, depth, height
  • Sub Dimensions – Displays the width, depth, and height of the sub-object selection for Vert, Poly, Element
  • Show Face ID’s – Displays each faces Id
  • Animated Speed – Displays each objects a speed in various units: mph, kmh, ft/s, m/s, knots
  • Distance – Displays the distance between nodes
  • Screen Space Size – Displays the size of the objects bounding boxes in screen space pixel size



  • initial release


  • add screen space size
  • implemented installer

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  1. Suren

    Great tool! Thanks a lot!

  2. Hozkr (verified owner)

    Fantastic guys, thanks !!

  3. Rich Forsyth (verified owner)

    This is great! Thank you. Would be good to have a mm option.

    • admin

      I can add that for ya.

  4. balazs

    This looks really cool. Actually, maybe it is not the proper way to ask this but I have been looking for a tool like this for ages but I really really miss the MatID function. It is possible to show the MatIDs of each polygon and/or show only the MatID of that polygon which is under the cursor? I know this plugin is free at the moment but I would gladly pay for it if is will has that function.

    • admin

      I can certainly add this. Would you want it show the face ID’s of the selected faces only? I would only charge a small fee for the addition.

  5. balazs

    In my opinion the best way if it you would put some switches on the interface, something like this:
    1. show all matIDs (on the selected object, all faces (no faces selected))
    2. show only selected polygons, elements matIDs
    3. and when nothing (I mean polygon(s) or element(s)) is selected, show the polygons matID which is under the cursor (on the selected object)

    Actually the third one is what I really miss and if you only want to implement one, please do that :). My work would be much easier with that function when I import a model, lets say from ArchiCAD and I have to replace all the materials to a proper V-ray or Corona material. I always have to select a polygon (or element) to check its matID and then replace the shader (in a very big multi material) and it really slows down the process.

  6. Ripio (verified owner)

    I’m crying … a great tool but, the most useful information for me: “Sub Dimensions” worked well in the first run and then, these values were never shown anymore. I’m running it in Max 2017
    It would be perfect if it could be docked
    Thanks a lot

  7. hoan

    Very good

  8. vecter


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