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This tools makes it easier for users to manager Object ID’s for various assets in a scene. It also gives users the ability to quickly and easily generate render elements based on the ID’s used in their current scene.

Updated Interface 0.0.3


  • Assign unique Object ID’s to each selected object or the entire selection
  • Assign unique Object ID’s based on layers
  • Assign unique Object ID’s based on materials
  • Copy and paste object ID’s from object to object
  • Customize the name and color used for each object ID
  • Visualize the object ID assignment in the viewport
  • Auto create render elements based on Object ID’s for VRay and Corona

+ Initial release

+ support for applying ID’s to instances
+ support for sizeable UI
+ sorting for ordering list
+ support for storing data in scenes

+ assign ID’s by layers
+ assign id’s by material
+ icons and tooltips for all buttons
+ compact interface
+ resize both width and height of dialog
+ Added support for Corona and VRay render elements

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  1. yun

    very good!

  2. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Love it man! Thanks!

  3. Gerbrandt

    could it be possible to have a option to assign id by material?this would be very usefull as i have a lot of reloads on updates on models

    • admin

      We can add that feature if needed 🙂

    • admin

      You can now apply by materials

  4. saeedamiiri (verified owner)

    amazing tool mate it saves a lot of time. which category does it go when I install the script?
    would be great if it supports Fstorm renderer as well.

    • admin

      Do you want to make it a shortcut? I can give you an install that makes it so you can assign a keyboard shortcut for the tool. Right now you just drag and drop it into 3ds Max viewport to launch the tool

  5. saeedamiiri (verified owner)

    I mean, how can I have an Icon on my max UI, so I don’t need to drag and drop it every time to run the script?

  6. Pablo

    The tool operates on polygons?
    Editable poly / Polygon : IDs

    • admin

      I’m not entirely sure what you are asking or telling me. The tool works with Object ID’s, which are different than Polygon face IDs.

  7. license

    Great tool! Thank you.

  8. Jang Jia (verified owner)

    I hope there is a function that can extract only the visible channels in the camera viewport.

    • admin (verified owner)

      sure is!

  9. Zdeno Sokol (verified owner)

    Awesome Tool, Thank you

  10. Zdeno Sokol (verified owner)

    Awesome Tool!

  11. Jonathan Chambers (verified owner)

    Awesome script!

    would be awesome if you could launch it from the tool bar rather than having to run the script each time manually…

    • admin (verified owner)

      I’ll push an update that will allow for you to assign a macroscript or put it in the toolbar. thanks for the feedback.

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