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Scale Refs includes three spline plugins for 3ds Max. These plugins gives users a easier way to visualize scale within their 3d scene.

The Scale Human spline plugin allows users to toggle between a a male or female reference model. Users can specify the height of the user as reference to their specific needs.

The Scale Ruler provides you with options for number of ticks, overall length, thickness, orientation, alignment, and in viewport size display.

The Tape Measure provides you with the ability to display ticks along any two point spline. similar to the Scale Rule, but deformed along a spline.

Check out the video below to see each plugin in action.

Features v1.0

  • Includes 2 plugin Scale Human and Scale Ruler
  • Supports 3ds Max 2016 or newer
  • User specified height and length for rulers
  • User specified segments for ruler
  • In viewport height display option
  • Universal unit length conversion info
  • 2D and 3D snap support

Features v1.2

  • Includes 3rd plugin Tape Measure
  • Allows users to create measurement ticks along any 2 point spline
  • Improved creation of Tape Measure

Features v1.3

  • Improved Tape Measure to include guide option to use 2 point spline or 2 separate objects

Features v1.4

  • Bug fixes

Features v1.5

  • Rewrite of entire spline generation code
  • Users can now fully customize and Tick pattern for Ruler and Tape Measure
  • Speed improvements

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  1. pankuczy (verified owner)

    I just bought it and it works great. But I would strongly recommend adding a macro feature so we could use it directly from the toolbar or via keyboard shortcut, because the whole point of this script is to have a quick measurement. I tried creating my own macroscript with “startObjectCreation” command calling the tool but it seems that the class is not registered properly until the first use of the tool during a given session.

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