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Slice and Dice is a 3ds Max tool built to give artists the power to creatively cut up geometry while having the ability to fully restore objects at any point. This tool will save you hours of manually work. The tool has been designed to speed up the workflow while providing complete control. Check out the feature list and videos below to see the tool in action.

Features v1.0

  • Supports 3ds Max 2018 or later
  • All slicing operations support the cutting multiple objects at once
  • Line Slicing – slice objects with a simple linear line
  • Draw Slice – slice objects manually drawing a freehand shape
    • Supports closed shape cutouts. When drawing a spline if the start and end point are within 20 pixels it will automatically make a closed shaped for slicing
  • View Slice – slice objects based on the current view
  • World Slice – slice objects based on the world coordinate system
  • Explode Elements – after every slice, the remaining objects elements are separated into separate objects
  • Surface Noise Params – customize the surface used for slicing making it flat and simple, or rough like concrete, or sharp like splintered wood. Customizations are endless.
  • Adjust the Thickness parameter of the slice object to make complex rift cuts
  • Tooltips for UI controls
  • Right-click the ‘Custom Slice Selection’ button to quickly rename the selected object as ‘Slice’ which is required in order to use this feature.
  • Preview Mode – When enabled users can preview, fine just and adjust slicing object’s transform prior to baking the slice into the mesh.
  • Retain Parent – Objects being sliced will retain their parent assignment
  • Retain Animation – Objects being sliced will retain their original animation
  • Undo – At any point in time users can undo a slice operation and restore the original object or parts of slices
  • Multi Material – Quickly assign a multi material to a sliced object
  • FIXED: Switching from one Slice mode to another
  • FIXED: Optionally display the progress slice indicator. Be aware this will slow down the slicing process if large amounts of objects are being cut)

Features v1.1

  • Undo button added to main GUI
  • When UNDO is clicked, the unhidden restored nodes are auto selected, which allows for quicker continuous undo operations.

Seeing it in action…

Slice Surface Noise – Manually adjust and fine tune surface noise to achieve a variety of styles. The image below demonstrates the default settings which generate a simple flat surface. Further adjusting the parameters can create a concrete look, while the last image looks like splintered wood.

Preview Slicing – Toggle the Preview mode in order to visually see the slicing mesh, manually adjust it’s transform and or position before committing the slice.

Freehand Hole Slice – Freely draw hole like shapes to cut through objects.

Freehand Draw Slice – Artistically draw a freehand slice path to cut up one or more objects in your scene.

Line Slice – Quickly draw a slice line to cut up one or more objects.

Slice Thickness – Adjust the thickness of the slice to give rift type of cuts, or set it to 0 slice an object in half.

Material ID’s – Assign unique material ID’s to the slice surface which is incredibly useful when assigning shaders to the inside parts of the sliced objects.

Custom Slice – Use custom created objects to slice other objects.

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