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Spline Caster is a 3ds Max plugin that gives users the power to quickly create splines projected onto the surface of any geometry in the scene. It includes two different draw modes.

  1. Two – Click Spline Placement –¬†Quickly create splines between a start and end point with just two clicks. Additionally tune the curviness of the splines by-dragging your cursor left-right on the screen.
  2. Freehand Draw With Lazy Mouse¬†– Draw directly on all visible geometry in the scene by simple just clicking and dragging your cursor around. You can continue drawing the line with the ‘auto line continuation’ feature.

Features 1.0

  • Supports 3ds Max 2017 or newer
  • Realtime previewing as you draw
  • 2-Click cable creation with auto-calculated curve
  • User customization for spline curviness
  • Freehand draw splines on geometry with lazy mouse support

Features 1.1

  • Drag to adjust thickness of spline
  • Improved performance

Features 1.2

  • Pivot location is at base of first point created

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