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A one-click solution that allows you to build bulk shaders for texture-sets, using the textures to generate PBR materials for 3ds Max, and supports various render engines such as VRay, Corona, RedShift, native 3ds Max materials, Arnold, and others.

It’s flexible enough to work with any sort of color workflow, whether you are working in PBR, Glossiness, Metallic or even custom. You can use the tool to even build completely custom shaders by simply assigning any maps you want to the map channels available in the interface.

Features v0.0.1

  • Compatible with 3ds max 2022 or newer.
  • Auto texture channel recognition and organization
  • Auto assigned color space and gamma to each map
  • Customize Effects Channel and UV Map Channels
  • Apply directly to selected objects
  • Apply directly to material editor (Compact and Slate)
  • Apply to teapots evenly spaced out
  • Supports the creation of VRay, Corona, RedShift, Arnold, Standard and Physical materials.

Features v0.0.2

  • Added ability to save/load material libraries from visible texture sets in listview

Features v0.0.3

  • Added support for naming conventions that may have either of the following, where the map name determining the material slot has a leading and trailing underscore or just a leading. Both options are now supported.
    • clay_shingles_basecolor_2k.png
    • clay_shingles_basecolor.png
    • clay_shingles_basecolor_.png

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  1. natenorbie (verified owner)

    Been looking for a tool like this to quickly load materials for Corona Render. Currently, its buggy when loading for Corona Render both Physical and Legacy. No material previews, metals don’t translate well and “Incorrect Gamma” on Normals. Hoping this is fixed in future update.

  2. ario8h (verified owner)

    The script is quite useful, but it has no save button after I set the textures. it will great if you add the save button and can be used as a textures library too.

    • admin

      The latest release allows you to save out a material lib and load it

  3. ario8h (verified owner)

    I’ve updated to the latest version and it’s great I can save it as a material library but unfortunately, I can’t load the .mat file into this script.

  4. elvis-star007 (verified owner)

    add Octane Render

    • admin

      I can do that, i just need to get a copy of the render engine. I’ll look to do that over the next few weeks and add support for it. Thanks for the feedback

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