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Varo is a standalone application where users can place shortcuts to websites, python tools, applications, folders or even images. The power of Varo comes from it’s ability to support a large variety of files.


  • Supports python, exe, hyperlinks, urls, images, folders…ect
  • Supports launching of multiple files single item.
  • Useful for setting environments prior to launching applications. For example. when people who want to install plugins or setup environments for applications like 3ds Max, Maya, Nuke…ect.
  • Supports passing arguments to files being executed.
  • Users can also launch Python tools directly from the Varo interface giving them the ability to capture logs, and assign icons.
  • Items in Varo can optionally be restricted to only show for certain windows users, based on their windows username
  • The list of items displayed in Varo is controlled by a single json file that can live locally or on a network
  • The json file displaying the items in Varo, is dynamically loaded, so any changes to the json file will update in real time for instance of Varo reading it.

This tool is currently in BETA. Anyone interested in testing it out please leave a comment or email us directly asking to join the Varo beta.

Bellow is an example of the json file used to display items in the interface

            "C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 2018/3dsmax.exe"
         "name":"3ds Max + Plugins",
               "args":"-version 2018"
               "path":"C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 2018/3dsmax.exe"


  • Supports URL Links, Python Files, Executable applications
  • Mix and max links, python files, and exe files all within the same profile in order to install plugins before the application launches
  • Show items only to specific users based on their windows username
  • Dark/Light Theme

Based on 7 reviews
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  1. Yann Drevon

    hey I’m really interesting in trying Varo !

    • admin

      Sounds great. Are you looking to centralize the location of all your tools. Or do you work in a studio setting and want to easily install plugins before launching applications? Just curious to know more 🙂

  2. Spencer

    I’m also super interested! Just sent you guys an email, hopefully I can get a download link.

    If this would allow me to centralize python scripts that would be quite useful in our studio.

    • admin

      Sure thing, I’ll be emailing you a demo link this weekend to try out.

  3. Primus

    may i try also? looks very useful.

    • admin

      Sure ill be getting the beta out this week to users

  4. Yann Drevon

    Hey, I am trying to centralize all my tools and to be able to launch app and task from one place. I also have a lot of snippets of python code that i’d like to gather there also.
    I am really looking forward to test Varo and to see what can be done with it.

  5. Jonah Hawk

    I am very interested in this tool. I’ve been looking for an easy and reliable shortcuts tool to rival Direct Folders.

  6. nguyenanhtuan158

    Wow. Can I try it?

  7. 23deers

    I am very interested in this tool

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