Cross platform desktop application designed for executing commands with support for optional args, env variables, scripts, urls, commands and more. This program makes it easier for studios to rollout new applications, tools or even links to both small and large teams. Now you can easily control application environments for all the applications used in a centralized location.

Demo Presentation

Demo presentations are available upon request. Feel free to watch the video below to see the tool in action.


  • Per user custom app ordering from drag-n-drop
  • Supported on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • Command line support (CLI)
  • Expanded/Collapsed category sections
  • Toggle visibility of app Categories
  • Toggle visibility of apps
  • Customizable icon size
  • Dark/Light theme toggle
  • Customize accent color
  • documentation included
  • Includes developer support
  • Includes free icon pack which can be downloaded separately
  • One time purchase per user, includes all future updates
  • Developer documentation is included
  • Supported command types with support for optional arguments
    • Executables
    • Hyperlinks
    • Python
    • BAT…and more

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