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Version 2.2.1
Now supports Concave and Convex welding options for users.

Welder is a 3ds Max plugin designed to make the creation of welds quick and easy.

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  1. Sergey

    Hi, Joker Martini, where can I download “ConcaveConvex” scripts for “Welder” script?

    • admin

      I’ll upload it to the project later today.

  2. Alejandro Dolinsky (verified owner)

    Hi Joker Martini, can you upload the concaveconvex scrpts for welder i need it to finish a work thks

  3. Cathy

    I’m not easily imesprsed but you’ve done it with that posting.

  4. daniel (verified owner)

    Where can I download “ConcaveConvex” scripts for “Welder” script?

    • admin

      Do you still need this?

  5. Jose David (verified owner)

    Can you tell me where are the “ConcaveConvex” scripts for “Welder” script?

    • admin

      Did you purchase the script. I can send it to you.

  6. Jose David (verified owner)

    Yes, I have purchased it on nov 29.

    • admin

      I’m working on updated version that should be out by the end of the week. It will include the concave/convex you ask for.

  7. Jose David (verified owner)

    in which units we should be working in max when using the script?

  8. Chris (verified owner)

    Is there supposed to be more options than just cellular Weld bead? I cant get anywhere near your example image

    • admin

      I’d gladly jump on skype with you or take your scene and help you out.

  9. Daniel (verified owner)

    I’ve got exactly the same question as Chris – can’t seem to get anything even close to your kettlebell weld seam example (i did only buy this the other day, but haven’t had any luck yet) – only a blobby weld seam. Is there meant to be multiple “Weld Bead Settings” options?

    • admin

      Sure we can setup a skype call and I’ll gladly show you.

  10. Chris (verified owner)

    I dont really have a scene yet, as I was just testing the script. How do you get it to concave like your example Image? My skype is chris.prykeos

  11. Daniel (verified owner)

    Adding to your existing Tutorial Video with this would be perfect – I live in Australia, so skype could be tricky.

  12. Chris Pryke (verified owner)

    Im with Daniel on this one, if you could maybe just add a quick tutorial on using it. That would be great.

    • admin

      Sure I’ll try an add a tutorial this weekend.

  13. Daniel (verified owner)

    Any luck yet? 🙂

  14. Tim (verified owner)

    It’s pretty sweet script. Is there any more news on a tutorial video on how to do the different welds, or is this something you are planning to add to your script?

  15. Johannes (verified owner)

    I am also wating for a tutorial on how to do convex/concave welds, when will you upload it?

  16. al (verified owner)

    We are Still waiting to weld our metals. 🙂

  17. Yurii (verified owner)

    Hello! Tell me how to weld as illustrated welder04?

    • admin

      Watch new video called ConcaveConvex

  18. Chris Pryke (verified owner)

    No Luck…still waiting on a tutorial.

    • admin

      New video uploaded. Check it out.

  19. Marc Pearlman

    Not a review – I am missing the system requirements here! Will this work with Max2009?

    • admin

      Yeah it will. But you should upgrade. Max 2009 is 10 years old.

  20. Artur

    Is it available for Maya too?

    • admin


  21. joep.swagemakers (verified owner)

    Only works on primitive shapes. When using a custom shape with the concave weld, it doesn’t work properly

    • admin

      You can use custom shapes by adjusting your custom shapes pivot orientation and then reset it’s xforms. I’ll make a video for it.

  22. Edy

    Hi, I would like to know if this script is compatible with 3dsmax 2020?

    • admin


  23. heshamelshipli (verified owner)

    Hi,I already purchased the script but cannot get the same result in the preview.Could you make a short video for it ? Because it gives me the same result as the old free welder script.Concave Convex video is not giving the same good results as the three preview images.Thanks.

    • admin

      Do you have a max file to look at. I can help you achieve what you want.

  24. Sean (verified owner)

    Cellular displacement works great.

    Concave however, only produces a rather smoother style weld. It does not produce the nice looking fillet welds like what’s shown in the kettlebell image. Only if I start to manually edit the geometry of the weld can I get something kind of similar.

    Also the splines being generated between two uneven surfaces (like the kettlebell), do not produce correctly oriented welds. This should be looked into since it’s a key selling point and is a common scenario that would need welding. Eg. Fillet style welding for the tube chassis of a car.

    Welder 2.2.1
    3Ds Max 2018

  25. Vu Tran Thien (verified owner)

    The plugin is pretty good.

  26. vanderlei.mensor (verified owner)

    When creating ” welds ” to edit SpLines with the tool tab open, this further helps with fine adjustments.

    The recommendation I leave is to have more videos showing how to reproduce specific types of weld, but nothing that studies with the tool do not solve.

    At the price of the tool, it delivers what it promises.

  27. mherbert50 (verified owner)

    Hi Joker Martini,

    Does this work with 3ds max 2022?

    • admin

      Sure does!

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